4.4.2004 Kaizers Orchestra (Doornroosje, Nijmegen)

The second concert of the tour took place in Nijmegen, thus on our way back from Amsterdam. So of course we had to see this show as well! Kaizers had already played in Nijmegen once (I wasn’t there that time though), and that concert was great! At this tour’s concert The Jackal explained that they didn’t even know at the beginning they had already played there, but that they recognized the club at once when the arrived.
This time, the concert didn’t start with Evig Pint, but with another new song! According to the setlist it is called På Ditt Sjift, I have no idea what that means, but well, I didn’t understand anything anyway. It did sound great anyway, I would say it’s a cool song to start with. There were some things going wrong during this first performance, The Jackal broke his first string like two seconds into the song, and changing guitars during a song never works… =;-), but all this didn’t matter at all. I’m really looking forward to hearing that song again!
Apart from that, the setlist was equal to the one in Amsterdam, I guess, more information can be found on save-me-kaizer.de.
Amsterdam was great, Nijmegen was… unbelievable! Totally unbelievable! The atmosphere was even better, the stage was lower *gg*, and the guys played at the limit (or maybe over the limit?). The Jackal thanked the audience for coming even though there were so many great movies on on dutch television (hasn’t he heard of VCRs? *fg*). For example The Terminator. But who wants Arnold Schwarzenegger if he can have Hellraizer’s grin instead? *rofl* In case of muscles, okay, Hellraizer can’t compete, but instead… he’s got a guitar built by the devil himself!
Later on during the concert The Jackal had to notice that sadly he’s no “magician”, but “just” a “musician”… He tried the trick to magically let disappear the knot in the cable of his microphone… well, that didn’t work, somehow. *lol* But instead he showed us another, totally breathtaking, unbelievable trick, a real genious, this man! =;-D
According to the Jackal, Nijmegen had the best audience of the tour (“Okay, that’s what we say every night. But it is true! It’s getting better from concert to concert!” – Oh yeah! I hope so!), so that’s also why they came back (ahem, didn’t they say something like “we were surprised we have been here before” earlier on? Well, who cares… *g*).
Dr. Mowinckel was exhausting again for Janove, but Killmaster and Hellraizer payed back for it with relaxing massages… =;-)
Conclusion: They are awesome, and the time until the Munich concert is much too long!

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