3.4.2004 Kaizers Orchestra (Melkweg, Amsterdam)

Yeah! Finally some more Kaizers concerts! And not only some, but a whole lot, the dates are great, the time is right, I have some free time, and I wanna be saved! =;-)
The first concert of the tour was in Amsterdam. After picking up Shirin in Bonn we started off for the Netherlands. The weather was nice, we were hot for concerts, and the way somehow wasn’t as far as expected… =;-) After some small adventures (some people would call this an “odyssey” *gg*) we went to meet Joyce (thanks a lot again for letting us spend the night!), and after another little odyssey we arrived at the club. Pål Jackman had already finished his set, unfortunately, when we arrived, but luckily he’ll be part of all Kaizers shows of this tour, so we will get the chance to see him… The second support band was Stuurbaard Bakkebaard, a dutch band. Well. Not exactly what I like, but I’ve definitely seen bands that are much worse. =;-)
After that we managed to get a short look at the setlist and were totally excited: 16 songs plus the Gypsy Finale, the new song (Medisin Og Psykiatri) was on the setlist, as well as Dr. Mowinckel! Wow, amazing!
And they fulfilled all expectations! The guys are in top form, they give the drunken goose (aehem, or something like that, that’s what automatic translation makes out of “gi full gass” *lol*) and they got the whole audience excited in seconds. They started with Evig Pint, followed by Ompa Til Du Dør, Bøn Fra Helvete, etc., the whole setlist can soon be found on save-me-kaizer.de, I guess.
Well, what should I write about such a concert? It was really impressive, a lot of fun, and one had the feeling to be in the center and totally involved (which could be due to the fact that there were practically no barriers between stage and audience, so one actually WAS in the center of the action… *g* The only bad thing was that the stage was too high, but well, they all have really nice shoes… *lol*).
The Jackal complained about how they had to stop and wait at the swedish border shortly after leaving from Oslo, because they didn’t have all the papers they needed (commentary by Killmaster: “NEVER give papers to the drummer!” *gg*). However, they had a very nice tour bus, with a leather sofa and leopard skin… we should all come and see it! Or well, maybe not… =;-)
Dr. Mowinckel was awesome, as expected, Hellraizer at the microphone, Killmaster and The Jackal at the oil barrels and other rhythm gadgets. The Jackal had to do the hardest job and complained afterwards about how little fun practicing this song had been. Well, okay, I truly believe that… =;-) But hey, it was worth every drop of sweat!
Hellraizer managed to fall down on stage pretty roughly in the middle of the concert, didn’t look too good, but he pulled through courageously.
After all, the concert war really terrific, and even though they said that the hadn’t played at all since the Rockefeller concert (plus they arrived late in Amsterdam because of being stopped at the border and thus they didn’t even have a soundcheck!) they delivered a first class show. Respect!

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